What We Do

Almost every CANTEACH student that has applied through CANTEACH has been accepted to at least one, usually both if applying to two University options, to date.

The [Download not found] is a must read for all CANTEACH students and beyond

Courtney by the UC 2017 SignMike Johnson, the Director of CANTEACH will provide an on-site Teacher Certification Workshop to each CANTEACH student who is attending Teachers College at a CANTEACH University. CANTEACH students work their chosen Universities on certification for the jurisdiction which they are training in and Mike Johnson will take you through on-line application process for certification back in Ontario via the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).

CANTEACH will provide you direct advice on where you can apply according to your teachables and program you wish to study. This advice will also include information you need to get certified back in Canada, particularly Ontario, for the job and grade level you will be teaching in.

All CANTEACH Universities work closely with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) to assist students in their certification back to Ontario. Mike Johnson and CANTEACH Universities meet with the OCT each year to keep up to date with current regulations and happenings within the Teacher Education profession, specifically relating to certification and registration in Ontario.

Certification Workshop

Mike Johnson, Director of CANTEACH will give you a certification workshop while studying abroad for you to be able to get your Teaching Certificate Abroad and back to Canada.

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Application Information

To apply for Teacher Education at one of the CANTEACH Universities, students will need to include a list of items located on the CANTEACH application form for each University. Please also consult the [Download not found] or use this form to contact Mike Johnson directly.

CANTEACH will assist you with your application to Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales, student visa, travel, accommodation, student loan and any other important items you need to make this opportunity a reality.

Application should be made well in advance.

Please contact Mike Johnson for any Teacher Education questions about certification in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales. And read through the website for all the important information.

  • CANTEACH oversees the whole process from start to finish (you back in Canada or working around the World)
  • Before you have even applied, CANTEACH has put in place many necessary items for the smooth process
  • Advises Teacher Education students and Institutions on application for certification back in Canada
  • Unparalleled service for your application
  • Take you through the application process for University Application, Student Visa, Student Loan and Teacher Certification
  • Advises you the result of your application and status throughout process to the point of acceptance
  • Advises you on the payment for tuition
  • Advises you on how to obtain your Student Visa
  • Advise you on travel arrangements
  • Coordinates pre departure meetings/social networking groups for those going to Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales in the same year
  • Undergraduate, Graduate and Study Abroad options available

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